23 Best Gifts for Knitters 2022 - Gift Ideas for People Who Knit

2022-11-23 21:36:48 By : Mr. Jacky Wang

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We asked knitters what they *really* want this year. Apparel Accessory

Getting someone a thoughtful gift that's related to their hobby is almost always a great idea, but it can get complicated. You might know that they like music or traveling or crafting, but you might not know enough about their hobby to really get them the perfect gift. That's why we tapped some knitters for firsthand insight on what gifts knitters actually want for the holidays this year. We've rounded up some of the best gifts for knitters of all ages, from specific needle kits to storage solutions and more.

Marissa Likar, writer and creator for Stitch Clinic, an online resource for knitting and sewing, has some ideas about what to consider when buying a gift for your knitter. She suggests considering where they like to knit. "Do they sit at home and knit only? Or do they carry their projects with them at all times? I love the idea of yarn bowls but I usually have my project with me wherever I go, so having a yarn bowl just doesn't work for me," she shares. Additionally, she says you should try to be aware of any sensitivities to types of yarn, noting that some people hate the feel of scratchy wool while others don't like cotton yarn. You might also consider if they like to knit year-round or just in the winter, as there are some yarns that are better for one season. Here are some of the best expert-backed picks on gifts for knitters that you can shop now, including affordable gifts for knitters who have everything.

Likar says she's been eyeing this bag herself. "Drawstring bags are the best — no zipper to catch the yarn but still closes well so no yarn hits the dirt," she shares.

This is such a thoughtful gift. Likar cautions that a ceramic yarn bowl probably isn't the best choice for someone who takes their projects on-the-go, but if they do all their crafting at home, then they'll love this.

If you're looking for a luxury gift for your knitter, it doesn't get much better than this 6-month subscription of hand-dyed yarns. One happy reviewer shared, "Aimee's yarn is so beautifully dyed and the bases are lovely. It is such a treat to open the package each month to find such gorgeous yarn."

An unexpected but very useful gift for knitters would be a set of bags to help them store their odds and ends. Likar calls them an "absolute necessity" and says it's even better to get some see-through ones, like these mesh bags.

If the above set is a bit out of your budget, you can go for a less expensive (but still high-quality!) set like this one. Knitter Ashley Parker of The Loopy Lamb shared that this Clover kit "is a great set for the beginner knitter and experienced knitter alike" because it "takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out what needle size they want or need."

Of course, they'll need a place to store all their yarn! Likar suggests clear bins with lids so your knitter can see their collection without pulling out every box in their craft corner.

Another thing Likar suggests is good lighting: "Can't knit if you can't see your work!" This lightweight lamp is bright and easy to move from room to room.

If they love decorating the tree as much as they love knitting, this glass ornament will bring a smile to their face.

Trust us, they'll love drinking their coffee or tea from this funny mug while they work on their next project.

Likar shares that the Cascade 220 yarns are a great entry point into higher quality, natural fiber yarns. Amazon appears to have a limited supply of this yarn type, so if you can't find the one you want to gift, you might want to check your local yarn shop or craft store.

If your knitter has all the knitting supplies they could possibly want and you're simply stumped, we've got just the thing: a luxe hand cream. "Holding yarn for so long tends to make for dry hands," explains Likar. This one is made with shea butter and coconut oil to really replenish moisture.

Knitter Kristen Crane of Design Pool shares that she's been knitting since she was 16, and used to block her knitting projects with beach towels and t-pins. She eventually treated herself to knit blockers from Knitter's Pride, which made things a whole lot easier.

Crane says that blocking pins are a great gift all by themselves, "but if someone wants to spend more, they are great bought with their blocking mats." Any knitter in your life will appreciate these.

Knitter Smriti Tuteja shares, "I received this knitting counter as a gift on Christmas last year and fell in love with it. I no longer need to count stitches only to forget the count midway. It makes a perfect combination with stitch markers and saves so much time and frustration."

"Knitting needle sizes are based on the project. This size/cable length is a great needle for beginners who want to do scarves and hats," explains Likar. "Circular needles are handy so one doesn't get lost, you're less likely to poke yourself, and they are more ergonomic for knitting longer," she adds.

These whimsical earrings from J Whiz Crochet on Etsy let them show off their love of knitting, even when they aren't wearing one of their many handmade sweaters.

While there are plenty of online resources for learning how to knit, sometimes it's hard to sift through a million YouTube videos and tutorials to find what you really need. That's why this classic handbook is a great gift for knitters. Likar calls it a "great reference for almost all techniques."

Likar says these types of needles are helpful for weaving in the ends of yarn when a project is finished. "Metal is better and you'll want to have multiple on hand, they like to lose themselves," she adds.

According to Likar, simple stitch markers are a must-have for knitting. "Those little character and fancy metals ones are great to look at but when they snag yarn, they're not worth it!" she says. "You need many different colors and lots of them, they tend to get lost very easily."

Likar suggested that a yarn winder is another useful gift because it makes the yarn easier to use. This one can clamp onto a tabletop so it stays in place, and it has more than 1,700 5-star ratings on Amazon.

"This tray keeps small items from getting lost or slipping between couch cushions," says Crane. "It's a great gift because it seems a little decadent to buy for yourself, but once you have it you realize how useful it is."

If you're looking to splash out on a gift for a serious knitter, this is perfect. "They were just released early this year and are an amazing kit of all the needle sizes and cords you could ever want for knitting everything from sweaters to socks," says knitter Sarah Neal of Spider Spun. "They were designed to be fast and ergonomic (rare for knitting needles), and the metal surface provides a great stitch tension."

Sports Bucket Hats If they prefer taking their knitting projects with them on their commute, travels, to their kid's soccer games, or anywhere else, this travel bag is an incredibly useful gift.