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2021-11-13 06:19:05 By : Ms. Tina Tang

Bestile presented three different series at the conference: Decorative Arts, Stone Spirit and Marble Charm. 

The Art Deco series features intricate and luxurious patterns for interior design. 

Borgo under the Art Deco series is a gorgeous tile, which the brand says “opens the door for transforming the appearance of your room into a piece of art.” The tile has three surfaces to choose from, matte and shiny And cracks. The style is also available in nine different colors. The design has a unique hand-made appearance, with a slight illusion of handprints on each tile. 

Alma, which also belongs to this series, "combines tradition, romance and new technology into exquisite interiors." The series also has a hand-made appearance, offering 3.9" x 11.8" tiles, combining traditional appearance with unique glitter and texture. , To create a charming artistic appearance. The style is available in five colors: Blanco, Gris, Azul, Verde and Negro.

The third style, Carmen, also belongs to the Art Deco series, is a shiny handmade tile style, although small but influential. The wall and floor tiles come in six colors: white, beige, gray, green, blue and black. The design has an irregular glazed surface and comes in four different sizes: 3” x 5.9”, 3” x 11.8”, 5.1” x 5.9” and 5.9” x 5.9”.

The Taranto style of the same series uses matte-finished tiles with a slightly smoky appearance. This tile is available in 3.5" x 14.5" size, it is a mature and exquisite work. This style is available in seven colors: Blu, Bordeaux, Grigio, Nero, Terraccota, Bianco and Perla. 

The last style in the Decorative Arts series is Iqono, which is a handmade irregular glossy tile. Iqonois has four different colors of 7'8" x 15'7" wall tiles: green, Bordeaux, lemon and gray.

The Stone Spirit collection celebrates the 3D tile collection, which mimics the appearance of natural stone designed to be used as an accent wall.

Ordesa imitates the appearance of stone with a textured brick appearance. The series has eight colors: beige, cream, white, gray, taupe, mixed colors and elegant neutral colors. The tiles are in a 5" x 10" format, which is perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces. The brand recommends flat and semi-adhesive for better application effect. 

The second series in the Stone Spirit series is Centenar, a smaller, delicate but still eye-catching tile design. The tiles are first exposed to extreme heat to create a unique external texture that attracts the eye. The illusion of stone strips creates a Mediterranean feel. This style is 6.7" x 10.5" and is available in six colors: white, sand, natural, gray, magma and black.

The last collection shown on Coverings 2021 is Marble Charm, Bestile's view on the timeless marble trend.

The watercolor style under the Marble Charm series features marble-like tiles, imitating the appearance of beautiful watercolor paintings. The tiles are available in three colors: white, gray and ocean, and two different sizes, 47.2" x 47.2" and 23.6" x 47.2". 

The next style, Akron, is a timeless and soft marble-effect tile. The series is available in 47.2" x 47.2" and 23.6" x 47.2" sizes. The soft tones are available in five different colors: white, marffi, pearl, taupe and gray.

The final style presented by Bestille is Portland, which is a neutral polished concrete-style tile design. “Due to its smooth mineral ground, it reminds [brand] of nature’s treasures and creates a charming feeling.” The The series are available in white, Marfil, pearl, taupe and gray, as well as 47.2" x 47.2" and 23.6" x 47.2" sizes.

Bestille was established in Spain in 1992. According to the brand's website, the brand "provides exquisite designs in its ceramics, with a concept of total quality..." 

As part of the Spanish Tile Conference, Bestille appeared on Coverings. 

Spanish tiles are one of the five sponsors of Coverings 2021. Other sponsors include Italian Ceramics, North American Tile Council (TCNA), National Tile Contractors Association (NCTA) and Tile Distributors Association (CTDA). 

Coverings is the largest ceramic tile and natural stone trade show and conference in North America. This year's event was held in Orlando, Florida from July 7th to July 9th.

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