One of our favorite new hotels in downtown Los Angeles, just opened

2021-12-20 06:00:27 By : Ms. sonia wang

This is a return to the glorious years of downtown Los Angeles, but with some modern luxury.

Stepping into the entrance hall of the newly opened downtown Los Angeles, it feels as if you are entering a decades-long effort to restore downtown Los Angeles to the state it was a century ago.

The original 1920s pink and white marble tiles and wooden wainscoting have been restored, but their charm has been surpassed by the new magnificent fresco ceiling of birds and plants designed by Abel Macias, which will make it hard for you to resist taking out your phone to reach After only a few seconds of the photo. A cookie-cutter globalist high-end hotel, this is not it.

The property is the latest achievement in the creative mind of Kelly Wearstler, and has added popular properties in the Proper Group of Austin, Santa Monica and San Francisco. This is also the latest choice in our exciting new hotel series, New House View.

Every year I come to Los Angeles, it seems that the city center is far away from its former reputation. Although at some point, you may feel uncomfortable on the way from dinner to the hotel, but now with so many people going out, with so many restaurants, clubs and new hotels, for Los Angeles, the streets are already overcrowded.

The Downtown Proper is across the street from the Herald Examiner building, which was designed by William Randolph Hearst's personal favorite Julia Morgan. The Proper used to be a private club, then YWCA-in fact, its two iconic suites were converted from lower-level indoor swimming pools and basketball courts. (The pool suite with Ben Medansky's ceramic murals is particularly spectacular.)

The property has 148 rooms, all designed in the "loose and luxurious" style that Proper is famous for. Casually dressed tech millionaires will not be rejected or feel uncomfortable. Although it is an aesthetic feast, it is more low-key than some of Wearstler's other projects. A wide variety of tiles (more than 100 kinds), lighting equipment (from Morgan Peck) and a piece of furniture are almost comparable to this historic building, but it has a sense of lightness of the American West and naturally blends into this ancient Tower.

The room has large windows overlooking Los Angeles. Many people may not be familiar with it-it is a canyon-like boulevard with towering buildings.

Caldo Verde, restaurant on the first floor.

Staying in a new hotel may sometimes bring some small annoyances, because entanglements with employees and products will be resolved. However, a side effect of the pandemic labor situation is that almost all new hotels, from ultra-luxury to highway sides, are in trouble with services. You just need to adapt to it and wait patiently. However, under the guidance of Stephane Lacroix, the service here is already in place-helpful but unobtrusive, and very friendly, even the weary traveller may pay extra attention.

There are currently two dining options-Caldo Verde is a ground-floor restaurant created by James Beard Award winners Suzanne Goin and Caroline Styne, featuring Western Mediterranean cuisine. The rooftop restaurant is Cara Cara, which offers more Southern California cuisine, but its main attraction is the photogenic swimming pool made of black and white tiles, which overlooks the city and the mountains in the distance on a clear day.