20 best baby play mats for lying on your stomach

2021-12-06 18:23:24 By : Ms. Anna Fu

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Help your child develop strong neck and shoulder muscles and exercise their grand motor skills with our selection of the best baby play mats on the market

Yogis and home fitness enthusiasts will know how much a good mat can change your workout. If you have children? You can share your love of sports and encourage them to start exercising as soon as possible!

But why do you need a gaming pad, how do you use it and what is the best product to buy for your family? Keep scrolling to see the 20 best baby cushions on the market.

The difference between baby play mats and baby gyms is that they are not equipped with too many accessories, so your baby can focus on exercise. Say what? Yes, mom, think of it as a home fitness equipment suitable for villains. Just as you benefit from good stretching exercises and sweaty HIIT courses, babies also need to stay healthy, and play mats are the best place to develop various basic life skills as they grow. In addition, you can also participate and everyone will benefit!

Susie Stubbs, founder of Totter and Tumble, said: "Having a play mat can provide your child with a safe and focused space to practice tummy time."'Create a supportive, clean place for them Lying down will encourage you both to practice more frequently. If you have a hard floor, the cushioning of the game mat can turn any room into a place ready to lie down.

If you haven’t heard of the term, lying on your stomach is big news in baby circles, because it is an essential exercise program as you grow up. Stubbs explained: "This is a practice of having babies lying in front of them when they are awake to promote the development of their neck and abdominal muscles."

But do babies really need to exercise? "The time spent lying on the tummy is crucial to the development of the newborn!" Stubbs added. 'It not only strengthens the core muscles they need to sit and crawl. But it can also prevent any skull deformation and neck muscle tension.

In addition to the obvious entertainment time, the play mat is an indispensable exercise kit for growing children. Therefore, once you have selected the ideal kit, Stubbs outlines the following methods to get the most out of your mat and make your baby happy to start!

Not sure which baby play mat to buy? Our list is compiled with the help of our internal testers. The best online reviews and recommendations from our moms group can help you choose the best tummy play mat for your family.

This large interactive game mat is made of hand-embroidered cotton muslin and comes with a zoo, which will add the icing on the cake to the nursery. But it's not just a beautiful appearance-it also contains many key elements, including toys, a rattle, and even a mirror to support the baby's sensory development. 

This padded reversible sensory play mat designed by British brand Etta Loves combines science and fashion to support baby's development. The brand has an in-house orthopedist to help design the cushions to support the baby's visual and cognitive progress. More importantly, they look cool. We are also big fans of the brand's collaboration with Keith Haring.

Suitcase: Comes with a strap to hold the cushions together when not in use.

This super soft quilted cotton game mat is made with a non-slip backing, which adds a simple and stylish element to the nursery. It can also be perfectly installed in tents for indoor and outdoor pow-wows.

Size: 120 x 120cm

The stylish memory foam cushion from British brand Totter and Tumble can be unfolded while playing, so your child can comfortably experience tummy time on any floor surface. Our mom tester used it for baby yoga and praised its size and comfort. If you have any unavoidable spills, it is also easy to clean, it looks so cool, and you will be reluctant to clean it up.

Size: 185 x 125 x 1.3cm

This bold and colorful deep-sea theme mat comes from Lamaze, an American child development expert, and is more than just a game accessory. All toys of the brand are designed in collaboration with Yale University experts to support your baby's development, so you can rest assured that when your little ones are laughing at Captain Calamari, they are also reaching new development milestones. We are also big fans of the same brand of Rusty the Robot.

Size: 71.12 x 71.12 x 13.97cm

We like this simple and stylish cotton play mat from the nature-inspired baby brand Avery Row. It provides the perfect place for your squirming kids to practice tummy time, but more importantly, the gorgeous Nordic forest print doubles as a bedspread and looks very stylish in any Scandi-inspired nursery. The brand also produces gorgeous swaddles.

Size: 100 x 100cm

If you have a particularly energetic child or multiple babies rolling around, you will benefit from this extra-thick foam play mat with customizable interlocking tiles to suit your growing brood.

Please also read our "Postpartum Exercise Guide" to enjoy the fun too.

Size: 66 x 10.2 x 66cm

This smart mat from the Belgian brand Play and Go doubles as a storage bag, so once your little one has perfected the child's posture, you can quickly clean up the toys after playing. When your child gets older, this is the perfect way to store Lego and other precious (but painful to step on) toys that you don’t want to lie on the floor.

Size: 140 cm in diameter

We are big fans of this multifunctional reversible game mat, made of soft sponge-like foam, easy to clean, turning the entire floor into an adventure! With eye-catching city graphics on both sides, your child can use the mat to exercise the neck and abdominal muscles in the early days, and then use it as a playground for toy cars and dolls as they grow older.

Dimensions: 218.44 x 132.08 x 1.27 cm

These durable foam blocks with fashionable colors are an excellent solution for comfortable floor games. Your child can roll around safely on most surfaces and can even try huge puzzles as they grow older. 

To sit on the mat with your child, try our full-body postpartum exercise at home with minimal equipment.

Dimensions: 92 x 92 x 1.3 cm

This colorful patchwork mat from the award-winning interactive toy brand Taf Toys has many sensory elements, including pineapple teether and a mirror, to encourage extra tummy time and help your child complete core tasks.

If your baby does not want to spend time in front of them, you can also put this excellent tummy time pillow in your shopping cart.

Dimensions: 1 x 100 x 150 cm

Suitcase: with carrying handle.

This original game mat consists of 13 large circles that look stylish on the floor of your living room, but it can be easily packed in a convenient storage bag and taken with you. We also like gray.

Size: Diameter 122c​​m

If you live in a smaller house, this cute cloud game mat is perfect for families with limited floor space. It is made of waterproof sponge, and even the simplest living room can be full of vitality, and will encourage your whole family to the cushion. 

Dimensions: 145 x 145 cm-thickness 12 mm

This ultra-thick and colorful activity mat comes with many built-in activities, including a textured fabric for sensory development and an extra belly time pillow. With more than 20 square feet of cushioned play, your baby will be very healthy. We also like this belly time piano of the same brand.

Dimensions: 61 x 7.6 x 38.1 cm

This pair of quilted game mats are made of gorgeous soft fabrics and are designed in a simple and modern Scandi style. They can create a comfortable game space on the floor of your living room, and you can even use it in the summer garden. it. It also looks great in a nursery or as a bed cover, you can choose gray and turquoise or gray and pink trim.

Use these oversized foam tile pads from Skip Hop to transform your front hall into a huge activity center for the whole family to exercise together. These squares can be easily inserted or removed for safe storage. We like the gray and white V-shaped design.

Size: 177.8 x 142.2 x 1.5cm

If your baby is unwilling to spend time on their belly, this gorgeous organic cotton play mat features a group of wild animals and should persuade them to focus on their core. To meet all your baby's sensory development needs, combine it with the brand's super cute tent activity arch.

This gorgeous shell-shaped cushion is perfect for rolling on while playing, and can also be used as a decorative rug in a child's room. We like this organic cotton star cushion from the same series.

One of the most comfortable gaming mats on the market, this large size mat from the British brand Munchkin and Bear will add luster to your nursery. It is made of 5 cm thick foam padding, an ideal place to play, and thanks to a series of elegant designs, it also looks very stylish on your living room floor. 

Size: 2m x 1.4mx 1.5cm thick

This cotton play mat from Copenhagen-based children’s brand Liewood is designed to help your baby develop sensory skills. We love this super cute shape, wrinkled sound and tactile material-who can resist this fruity fabric? 

Size: 110cm in diameter