How to turn your bathroom into a spa

2021-12-13 21:00:31 By : Mr. Teddy Liu

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If you live in an apartment in New York City, you must be creative in finding shelter.

My bathtub is my "reading corner", and nowadays, every day seems to be suitable for long soaking.

Rebecca Breslin, Senior Design Manager at Wayfair Professional, said: "People are increasingly concerned about how their surroundings affect their happiness."

"The bathroom is one of the spaces that can promote self-care, so it should be a new and calm space with beautiful and practical design."

Sarah Fishburne, Director of Trends and Design at Home Depot, added that the bathroom has become the primary consideration for home renovations. "The bathroom is a good starting point. Some tranquil elements can be added to create a tranquil atmosphere," she said.

We seek these expert tips to breathe new life into your bathroom.

After all, this is part of resistance.

"Start with the most important element-a large bathtub and/or an oversized shower," said Jan Rutgers, co-owner of the JANGEORGe interior design and furniture company in Sag Harbor. Rutgers said that natural materials are used to make towels, bath mats and other decorations to guide the spa experience.

The bathroom is one of the spaces that can promote self-care, so it should be a new and calm space with a beautiful and practical design.

If a full refurbishment is too much, you might as well spend some money for a simple upgrade.

"One of my favorite upgrades is the installation of an advanced shower head with adjustable water pressure," said Andrew Bowen, a partner at ASH NYC.

"Recently, we have seen more blue-green tones blend into bathroom floors, including porcelain or tiles, to create a peaceful space," Fishburne said. "Combine shades of blue and greenish tones to add a bold color palette."

Breslin says they emit soft light and create a calming sensory experience.

"From your faucet and shower head to the towel bar and bathrobe hook, think of modern matte black to unify the details," she said.

Francis Nicdao, design director of Pembrooke & Ives, said: “We tried to create visual interest by making feature walls, instead of making the entire space visually overwhelming.” For example, in a bathroom in Palm Beach, Florida, Nicdao added The curved wall with gradient mosaics sets the background for the free-standing bathtub.

"Focus on the factors that make you relax, especially in terms of lighting," said Leni Calas, President of Ward 5 Design. "Indirect or discolored bathroom lighting can have a big impact."

‣ Magnitude Blue Ivy Hill tiles. “Tile like this can promote a sense of relaxation while adding a distinctly modern feel to any bathroom space,” Fishburne said.

Home Depot $5.49 per square foot

‣ Native Trails Nipomo sinks into charcoal. This new finish will be launched in July and is made of a combination of lightweight and durable jute and cement. Bonus: Compared to concrete, sinks are more sustainable, require less energy and are easier to install. This black is a perfect complement to neutral colors such as gray and beige, but we also like the popular metallic colors.

‣ Moen spa shower head Nebia. Thanks to the tiltable "shower" mounted on a rotatable and adjustable slider, this elegance makes you feel pampered. Eco-friendly buildings have a variety of designs and finishes to choose from, reducing water consumption by 45%, while providing you with heavenly pressure and twice the coverage of a standard shower.

‣ "Sweeping Azure II" printed by Nicoletta Savod. Decorate your bathroom with ethereal landscapes or abstract prints. Minted's Fine Art series is designed by independent artists and comes in a variety of sizes, frames and formats.

‣ Formica Camel Yum Laminate. Gerri Chmiel, head of residential design at Formica, likes the aesthetically soothing properties of wood and says that the surface immediately adds warmth to your room.

Formica starts at $1.50 per square foot

‣ Sherle Wagner soap dish. All luxury bathroom fixtures by Sherle Wagner International are manufactured in its studio in Fall River, Massachusetts. Here, the artists drew inspiration from the sea and designed a dolphin shell soap dish with 19 finishes.