Decorative side wall ceramic strip tile waist line TV background

 PC/BOXJ49G-S/J58G-S/J59G-SSIZE (CM)3X30PC/BOX60BOX/SQ.M0.54KG/BOX10G.W/BOX0.0138PALLET/BOX72FQA:Why choose us? A. We have over 16 years export experience of tiles.B. High qualityC. reasonable pricesD. good serviceE. efficient shippingWhen do you deliver the goods?  When stock available , we can deliver

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Wall Border Decorative Strip Ceramic Tile Waist Line TV BackgroundWall Border Decorative Strip Ceramic Tile Waist Line TV BackgroundWall Border Decorative Strip Ceramic Tile Waist Line TV BackgroundWall Border Decorative Strip Ceramic Tile Waist Line TV BackgroundWall Border Decorative Strip Ceramic Tile Waist Line TV Background
Wall Border Decorative Strip Ceramic Tile Waist Line TV Background


Wall Border Decorative Strip Ceramic Tile Waist Line TV Background

Wall Border Decorative Strip Ceramic Tile Waist Line TV Background

Wall Border Decorative Strip Ceramic Tile Waist Line TV Background
Why choose us? 
A. We have over 16 years export experience of tiles.
B. High quality
C. reasonable prices
D. good service
E. efficient shipping
When do you deliver the goods?  
When stock available , we can deliver goods within 7days.I
When no stock, that would be 15-25 days after receiving deposit 
Do you offer sample? 
Samples can be sent for your reference, but the courier charge is collect.
What's your price terms?
FOB, CIF, CNF, EXW depending on the clients' requirement.
What about your products quality? 
AAA grade
First choice.
Our products are strictly follow the ISO quality system. 
What is water absorption?
The definition of water absorption: the weight ratio increased by the absorption of water into the open pores.
How to test water absorption?
Pour the water on the back of the tile, if it spreads quickly, it means high water absorption; if it spreads slowly, it means water absorption is low.
What is flatness?
Refers to the level of the surface of the tile. The smoother the surface, the better the paving effect. When the flatness of the tile surface reaches a certain standard, there will be no arching or recessing in the correct paving.
What is abrasion resistance?
Wear resistance: It is described by the volume of ceramic tile powder under a certain force. Ceramic tiles with good wear resistance resist heavy pressure, are not easy to wear, and will last forever. They are especially suitable for public places.
What is intensity?
Good-strength tiles have strong crack resistance. National standards: the minimum compressive strength of tiles is 27MPa, which is equivalent to 400 people standing on a foot-sized area of 80KG. The higher the tile strength, the better the resistance to heavy pressure.
What is gloss?
Gloss refers to the strength of the reflective power of the polished surface of the tile. The higher the gloss, the stronger the reflective power, the more the surface looks like a mirror, which can be seen by light.
What is antifouling?
The ceramic surface is stained with dirt. If it is easier to wash off, the better the antifouling performance. The antifouling performance is measured by coating the surface of the brick with standard traceable pollutants. After a certain period of time, use different types of pollutants. Cleaning agent to clean, so as to determine the anti-fouling effect of ceramic tiles.
What is chemical resistance?
It refers to the resistance of ceramic tiles to chemical substances (such as acid, alkali, salt, etc.). Good chemical resistance can prolong the service life of ceramic tiles under natural conditions. The stronger the anti-fouling and corrosion resistance of ceramic tiles. The more convenient the daily cleaning.
What is reflexivity?
When the proton splitting of some special elements occurs during the electronic transition, some harmful rays will be generated. We call this element the nature of radioactivity; the matt brick basically does not have the radiation problem harmful to the human body, so it is necessary 3C certification.
What is chromatic aberration?
Lay the tiles flat on the floor and line them up to one square meter, and see if there are different shades of color or cannot be connected at a distance of three meters;What is embryo crack Cracks appearing on the body.
What is pinhole?
Needle-like holes appearing on the brick surface;
What is spot?
Heterochromatic stain on brick surface;
What is a sandwich?
layered cracks or small flaking of the green body.
What is pitted noodles?
There are small pits under the product, but the effect of matte bricks is not included here.
What is missed polishing?
The parts that should be polished are not polished, and they appear dull.
What is a scratch?
The polished surface of the product appears to be scratched by the mold.
What is a pattern?
The pattern of matt tiles, the higher the non-repeatability, the better, the more changes the better, and the more realistic its naturalness; small color difference, inconsistent texture, and more suitable for large-area paving.
What is metamorphosis?
The position on the surface of the product appears convex or concave called deformation.
What is edge straightness?
In the plane of a brick, the deviation of the center of the edge from the straight line is called the edge straightness.
What is surface mass?
The defect quality of the appearance of product and glaze is called surface quality.
What is a big head?
The inconsistency of the length of the parallel side on the front of the product is called the size head.
What is dimensional deviation?
The difference between the measurement of the product's length, width and height from the standard is called the dimensional deviation.
What is open seam, pointed seam?
Ceramic tile is spread after sticking, the heat of ceramic tile itself bilges cold shrink coefficient to be able to have different obligate expand aperture.Polished brick about 0.5-3mm;The other ceramic tile such as archaize brick is about 3-8mm, 600X600mm above proposal 8-15mm wide ash seam.
Tile shop after the work?
The ground protection processing, all tile shop after 24 hours can walk.
How to clean and maintain?
Tile shop after the end of the logistics method to deal with the surface, pay attention to the strict cleaning of brick surface with sulfuric acid, oxalic acid, hydrofluoric acid articles.
Is ceramic tile hardness more or less good?
The mohs hardness of ceramic tile surface is about 6-7, the hardness of ceramic tile is affected by raw materials, but also related to many factors such as the degree of sintering.
Do the patterns on polished tiles wear off over time?
No, because the pattern of polished brick has a certain depth.
What advantage does matte light brick and bright face brick have and defect respectively?
The relationship between matte brick and glossy brick is like the relationship between soft surface paper and glossy paper, which customers love respectively.
How to test the hardness of polished brick?
Mohs hardness was used for testing.
How to test tile flatness?
The size and thickness error of ceramic tile is very small, the standard is plus or minus 0.15mm, the thickness error is plus or minus 0.15mm.
Wall Border Decorative Strip Ceramic Tile Waist Line TV Background


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